Project Description

Rail Terminal and Transfer SystemMANVILLE-(3)

The project is located at Port of Belledune, a deep-water port with existing infrastructure and access to the Chaleur Bay. The proposed project consists of a low speed rail circuit railway system, a petroleum products terminal with 1.2M barrels worth of storage –  permitted up to 3M barrels –  and a three kilometre pipeline to be installed between the facility and the marine terminals at the Port of Belledune. These are required for the transfer of petroleum and refined products to marine vessels, which will provide shipping access to various global markets.

The existing rail and highway, as well the acquired property are well-suited for project development, with minimal environmental disturbance. The pipeline and facility are also intended to have the capacity to receive petroleum products by ship or barge, allowing for transfer of products to the storage tank system and for loading onto railcars for shipment back into Canada.


Project Introduction

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Chaleur Project Clarification 2016

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